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Name: Karel de Koning
Forum nick: Karel d. K (Alfaromeo156club.nl)
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Location: NOud-Beijerland, the Netherlands.
Occupation: : I work at an advertising agency.
Interests other than cars:
Windsurfing, design, F1 and my family

Previous car:
Alfa Romeo 156, MR18.

Dream car:
Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evo2 (budget dream)
Ferrari Enzo (priceless dream)

Why did you buy an Alfa 156:
Look at it and you know why I bought one!

If you had to change your car today, what would you buy:
Alfa Romeo 156 GTA or an Alfa Romeo166

Info about your 156:
GTA 3.2 V6

What modifications have you done to it:
- Suspension from Madeno Racing (adjustable)
- Wheels 18 inch ATS from Madeno Racing
- Front lowered by 10 mm, the back by 30 mm
- Exhaust from Madeno Racing
- Carbon airintake from Madeno Racing
- Special airfilter
- Protech protection
- Results: 275 BHP and 320 Nm

What are your future plans for your 156:
- Other (bigger) brakes - Engine tuning by Madeno Racing (www.madenoracing.com)
- Drive save, the next 3 years

Do you have any good storys from your Alfa Romeo driving:
A month ago I was stopped by the police in Belgium. An officer came to my window
and explained it was a routine check for wearing safetybelts. Everything was okay,
but a second policeman came to my car. He asked me if my 156 was a GTA (I have no
badges on the back). Yes! Was my answer. In that case he wanted my carpapers, to be
convinced. Nice car he said to me. Everything okay you can go. The first policeman
asked his partner: “What is a GTA?” That my friend is a car with 250 bhp! I looked
up and told him my car has 275 bhp. He looked to me and said: “Okay Sun, step on it
then, let me hear the sound of your V6!” I was afraid I didn’t understand him well,
so he said to me: “I mean it, let it roarrr like a lion!”. So of course I did!
His partners (app. 12 other policemen) looked very strange when I drove away.


- Andy says thanks for your time!

.: 156 Owner profile, October :.