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.: 156 Owners profile, July 2005 :.
Name: Kai-Yi Yang
Forum nick: Lancelot
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Location: Taiwan
Occupation: : Republic of China Air Force F-16 pilot.
Interests other than cars:
Toy Collections.

Previous car:
Mitsubishi Eclipse.

Dream car:
Alfa Romeo 1300 GT.

Why did you buy an Alfa 156:
Good style, good performance and they are rare in Taiwan.

If you had to change your car today, what would you buy:
A GTA. Otherwise a pair of good shoes! :)

Info about your 156:
156 Selespeed 2001, Rebuild April 2005. Mileage: 55000 Km. Converted to "GTA-look".

What modifications have you done to it:
-Alfa Romeo Factory Made GTA Bodykits
-Eibach Short Springs
-Alfa Romeo (BREMBO) 4 pot 305mm brakes
-GTA Rims with CSC2 Tyres
-16mm Spacers
-NOVITEC Brake Pads
-Alcabo Interior Accessories

What are your future plans for your 156:
GTA interior...........Maybe

Do you have any good storys from your Alfa Romeo driving:
One of my friends said: "If someone see my 156 in the rear view mirror, he only
has two options. Either to yield the way or to buy an Alfa.


- Andy says thanks for your time!

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These two guys are the ones modifying my 156.

.: 156 Owners profile, July 2005 :.