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.: 156 Owners profile, March 2005 :.
Name: Jose Lombardia
Forum nick: ¥--Lombar--¥
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Location: Alpedrete, Madrid, Spain
Occupation: : Mobile TV Unit’s Technician.
Interests other than cars:
Computers, Internet and earn money.

Previous cars:
Fiat 600 Abarth, Fiat Panda RR, Lada GR, Fiat Punto GT, Alfa 146.

Dream car:

Why did you buy an Alfa 156:
Driven, powerfull, feeling, design and prize.

If you had to change your car today, what would you buy:
Alfa GT or Alfa 159.

Info about your 156:
Alfa 156 JTS Selespeed TI. Deutch specification (175Cv), Xenon, GSM and TI Finís: Recaro
with Momo leather, sport brames, specific alloy, indoor GTA finísh, GTA steering Wheel,
40mm down suspensión, specific bumpers, rain and frog sensors.

What modifications have you done to it:
Alu Novitec pedal. Alu Novitec handbrake.

What are your future plans for your 156:
More power?

Do you have any good storys from your Alfa Romeo driving:

Jose Lombardia

- Andy says thanks for your time!

.: 156 Owners profile, March 2005 :.