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Name: Miroslav Gajdosik
Forum nick: Mito
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Location: Bratislava, Slovakia
Occupation: : self-employed, Autodelta EUROPE.
Interests other than cars:
MTB, bodybuilding.

Previous car:
mustangs,buick riviera,chevy impala, renault 19 ,peugeot306, ibiza cupra etc.

Dream car:
lambo miura, stratos, alfa 8c competizione.

Why did you buy an Alfa 156:
veeeeeeeeeeeeery good base for tuning

If you had to change your car today, what would you buy:
clio v6 or gta ;-}

Info about your 156:
156 gta 2002, rebuild summer 2004 at 21400km and now about 32000km

What modifications have you done to it:
Stroker kit to 3.75L forged pistons, high lift cams, ferrari throttle
body, reworked heads and valves,remapped ecu,stainless steel exhaust,met.
kats, custom made coilovers with bount and reboud in 40 stages, ap racing
six pot 356mm brakes, semi metallic brake pads, drilled brake discs, facelift
front, wide bodykit,alpine sat nav,18 wheels from gt... i am not sure if thats all

What are your future plans for your 156:
This car was demo and it is for sale !!!!:-}because i am preparing another gta :-}}}}}

Do you have any good storys from your Alfa Romeo driving:


- Andy says thanks for your time!

.: 156 Owner profile, January :.