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Name: Heimonen
Forum nick: Pexi
Age: 43
Gender: Male
Location: Côte d'Azur, Southern France. Moved here some years ago from Finland.
Occupation: Hired gun.
Interests other than cars:
Apart from the work and business related stuff, which takes most of my time, I like doing
things with my own hands. I've been slowly renovating our villa more than one year now and
as usual, something that started as a project has now evolved to be a never ending process.
On summer time I consume my leisure time mostly as a tourist guide in the wildernesses of
National Parks of Alpes Maritimes. Meaning that I do lot of hiking in the mountains with
friends and guests :) I also enjoy cooking, barbeque and good wines, but that's obvious of

Previous car:
Nuvola Blue Alfa 156 V6 1998, the Invincible.

Dream car:
My real world dream car has to be an Alfa Bertone GTV, which I've promised to myself when
I have the time and a place for it. Otherwise, money issues forgotten: Ferrari 365 GTB/4
Daytona as a "classic-one-to-be-polished" and Maserati 3200 Coupe as a daily commuter.

Why did you buy an Alfa 156:
I'm afraid that the sad truth is that I can't anymore live without an Alfa, so I didn't
have much choice with the Brand here. I need to haul business associates and friends with
luggage from-and-to the airport quite often so 147 was simply too small and girly :P,
156 sedan a bit unpractical, and 156 SW is just perfect. It's also the most charismatic
model of the current Alfa range :).

If you had to change your car today, what would you buy:
Depends on who'd be paying, but in real world, if I could only afford it again, it would
be another GTA SW, thank you very much.

Info about your 156:
It's a stock standard 2003 GTA Sportwagon, silver outside, black leather inside.
Goes faster than I do.

What modifications have you done to it:
No modifications at all, except those white side repeaters. That's why it still looks
so stunning :)

What are your future plans for your 156:
I'm eagerly waiting for the recall for the front brake upgrade from the factory. I'm
going to keep the car pure and original and today my opinion is that the maximum what
I could justify are a free flow air filter, a strut bar and the shocks upgrade. Ok, a
nice set of light weight wheels might be ok too... but tomorrow I may know better.

Do you have any good storys from your Alfa Romeo driving:
Not a good story actually, but absolutely the graziest trip with Alfa (the Invinsible)
was couple of years back when I drove from Nice to the west coast near Bordeaux, had a
short meeting there and then drove straight back. More than 1700 kms of driving, several
fuel stops and one meeting in 16 hours - that was stupid! I even drove through a speed
control in a highway, speedometer showing only 160 km/h as the outside lane was blocked
by a "slow" queue. And the gendarmerie just ignored us - only 30 km/h over the limit,
who cares! Couldn't (and shouldn't) do it anymore here.


- Andy says thanks for your time and I love the photos of your nice GTA!
You can find more pictures of Pexi's GTA here.

.: 156 Owner profile, April :.