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Name: Aldo Anthony Viola
Forum nick: remapped
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Location: North London UK.
Occupation: : Engineer / modding and remapping cars.
Interests other than cars:
Watching movies from all corners of the world and find it best to watch them in
their native form whit subtitles including anime in its native form.
Cooking home made traditional Italian meals and enjoy going out to different
restrants with mates and we are always looking to try new foods from other countries.
Also enjoy modding PCs and like to play online games such as tribes 2 / Halo

Previous car:
1998 black Fiat Bravo sx.

Dream car:
How can you mention just one dream car? Just too many fine motors in the world such as:
1969 ford mustang GT500 this is one of them childhood dream cars have always wanted to
own but may turn out to be a nightmare the use and maintain in London.
The TVR Tuscan my word is this car a beast after seeing, feeling and hearing one up close
and the sheer roar of its engine has won me over.
Ferrari 308 GTB in black not red.
This is a sad one but the Batmoblie from the 1989 film one of the coolest looking cars
ever (hey it dose ask dream car)
Just have to many more cars to mention most of them are V8 powered beast.
Oh a car that would be a dream come true would be a RWD Alfa 3.0 JTD

Why did you buy an Alfa 156:
Just Wanted to make a diesel car fast, but also at the same time look good, to think
I nearly got a Golf mk4 TDI but they are such boring cars to look at. Whit the 156 not
only is it a head turner but also leaves people saying what the WTF have you done to that :)

If you had to change your car today, what would you buy:
Would like to tune the new 156 20v 2.4 JTD

Info about your 156:
1999 2.4 JTD SP2 modded.

What modifications have you done to it:
Ok here goes:
GTA head lights
MHW side lights dark chrome
MHW rear lights smoked
Tinted windows
Alfa156.net logos on side skirts (a very cool must mod)
17" GTV wheels
Red Dots brembo conversion including custom front and rear discs and pads
Custom turbo, exhaust, air filter and remapped.

List goes on…………..oh have some ice as well but the burglars shopping list stops here!

What are your future plans for your 156:
I have just about reached my limits and staying away form body kits as I want to
keep the OEM look whit a stealth twist, but always something out there.

Do you have any good storys from your Alfa Romeo driving:
Most of my good story are form upsetting other petrol owners ;) but one comes to
mind …….one time I over took a modded Integra type R at 145mph in a controlled
environment lol the owner was left in tears I do mean tears to the point were
he was punching his steering wheel, not only was it a Alfa but a diesel one that
did it to him.


- Andy says thanks for your time!
You can find more pictures of remapped's JTD here.

.: 156 Owner profile, May :.