.: Advertising on this site :.

With up to 1000 unique visitors each day and great google search score, we can offer
bannerspace directly aimed at Alfa Romeo 156 owners around the world.

Commercial Guidelines

1. Forummembers (non commercial) selling their own personal stuff in
the sales forum. This is free of charge.

2. Forummembers who make/resell products.
They could have their own highlighted thread in "Buy & Sell".
For this they donate 4/6 per month, in advance.

3. Commercial businesses.
A small banner on the left of the website page & forum header. This costs 15/20 each
month, in advance. Can also be combined with #2 (17/23).

4. Businesses who give a discount.
This is collected in ONE thread on the forum so people can check where to get
discounts. This locked thread will be updated by one of the moderators with new
companys offering their discounts. This service is free as long as they offer some
benefits to forum members.

Payments can be done by international money transfers or trough Paypal.
Choose from 6 or 12 months advance payment.

Contact for more info:
Email: WebMaster@Alfa156.net

Here are visitor stats from August 2006 to June 2007:

.: Advertising on this site :.