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.: Timing belts :.


The factory's official info about the timing belt change is
every 120.000 km / every third year. Whichever comes first.

However, the official numbers from the Norwegian, Danish and
Swedish importers are 80.000 km / every third year.

For the 2.0 TS engine, the Swedish importer have changed
the numbers to 60.000 km / every third year because of a
tightening wheel and a balancing axel which tend to crack in
extreme cold. This might be something to think about for
all Alfisti living in a Nordic clime. The tightening wheel
should also be changed when changing the timing belt as it
is almost the same job when the belt is off in the first place.
Or at least ask your garage to check the condition of that tightening
wheel. But I'd just change it - better safe than sorry!

Unfortunately there are lots stories about timing belts
that has snapped, so be careful! The costs of changing
the belt is nothing compared to fixing the engine from
a snapped timing belt!!

You should also remember to check the oil level - OFTEN!
As often as possible. Some Alfas uses oil, some don't.

Thanks to Řyvind Iversen of KARN for this info.

.: Timing belts :.